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Sheriff's Sun City Posse
IMPORTANT INFORMATION; Changes frequently:

About our Vacation Watch Program:
And if you asked for this service . . . . .
Please contact the Sun City Posse Headquarters upon returning to your Fall/Winter residence.
We do not want to surprise you while we check out your home to see if everything is OK.
The Sheriff's Posse of Sun City inc.
10861 West Sunland Drive
Sun City, Arizona 85351
Contact Info:  MCSO and the Sun City Posse:
An easy to read LIST of Sun City Posse services:
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We only function through donations:
Extensive information on the Posse concept:
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Highlights from the 2015 Sun City Posse Open House:
Your Sun City Posse can help you create a Block Watch Program with your neighbors:
Sun City Posse Base H.Q.
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We Are Community Service Volunteers
Block Watch in the news:
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You can still call us for information.